Electric Cars

Electric Cars – Pors and Cons

Electric cars are all the rage with the environmentally-conscious people of our society. They are considered an environmentally friendlier alternative. And with their futuristic spaceship-Esque handling, these new electric cars must be tried out to believe.

Basic Benefits

First and foremost, you need to understand that if you are going to run an electric car on your own, it is a little more involved than most people think. Many people believe that they can just hook up their cars to a charger at home and have them charged by the time they arrive. However, that’s not true.

Electric car advantages include: they are less noisy, they are environmentally friendly, they cost less fuel, they are more fuel-efficient, and they are safe. And as previously stated, they have less pollution. Pure electric cars are zero emissions, which means no more pollutants, a better environment for you and everyone around you.

Main Disadvantages

If you use your electric car for a long period, you can damage the battery. This can lead to a loss of power and could even result in your car breaking down altogether.


If you choose an electric car, you can get discounts for using them. In most states, drivers who charge more electricity to their cars are allowed to do so every month or at least receive a rebate for every kilowatt-hour they use.

You may find that the dealership does offer a rebate program for electric cars to help pay for the difference. Either way, there are incentives that you can get from using an electric car, so you may want to consider it.

Electric Cars

Saving Money

The main advantage of an electric car is the amount of money you can save on gas. Many people believe that they are better for your pocket than a hybrid car because you are not paying for gasoline. However, an electric car uses only a fraction of the fuel that an equivalent car would use. Although there is a little more money to spend on gas, you can save money every month because you won’t have to pay as much to fill up the tank as you would with gasoline.


If you are worried about the pollution that emissions from an electric car cause, you should be aware that the electric car disadvantages are not all that bad. Even though the cars produce a lot of pollution, exhaust fumes are still very minimal and usually not harmful to the environment. If you live in a city area where air quality is poor, then you can expect the emissions from an electric car to be more environmentally friendly than those from a traditional car. Of course, the electric car disadvantage is that you cannot take it on a trip out into the countryside and enjoy the great outdoors in all types of weather.

Also, the battery must be replaced. That’s why many people buy electric cars instead of an electric bike or a regular car. When an electric car breaks down, they can simply plug it in, recharge it, and be ready to drive again the next day. However, if you have an ordinary car, you have to drive it for another day or two, at least.

Then again, electric car disadvantages do include the higher price. However, if you compare them to gas prices, you may find that the money you spend on the vehicle will be more than offset by the savings you will make on your gas bill. Plus, you won’t need to pay as much gasoline to run your car.


So, whether you are looking for advantages and disadvantages or just in general about electric cars, you should keep in mind what you want to get out of a hybrid car. They have many benefits and disadvantages, but overall, they seem to be the safer option and a greener alternative to driving a regular car.

While there may be some advantages and disadvantages, the advantages are fairly obvious. An electric car can give you a more economical way to travel, and at the same time give you the comfort and safety that come from owning a vehicle that is not fueled by gas.

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