Choosing Your Car Racing Tyres

In the modern-day of auto racing, many of the manufacturers are now manufacturing high-performance racing cars with an eye on making their cars more appealing to the general public by offering better aerodynamics and handling. Although having these cars on the race tracks is a great way for enthusiasts to enjoy the sport, it’s the racing drivers who will ultimately enjoy the greatest benefit.


The combination of soft rubber and no tread pattern works wonders for the race car because it provides improved grip while the tyres are moving around in the air. However, while the tyres have a limited capacity to be used in one race event, they still have a surprisingly limited utility as only a single-track event will likely ever use them. If you’re thinking about racing, then you must choose the right tyres for your car, regardless of what type of surface you’ll be racing on.

Before you buy your race car tyres, you must do some research on the market to find the best tyres for your needs. By using a racing tyre calculator online you can input information relating to how fast you’ll be driving your car, the type of surface you’re racing on, and also a few other variables.

Nowadays, there are so many car manufacturers which are targeting consumers looking to get in on the latest trends and offering tyres that are just right for the race track. These tyres are manufactured from many different materials and the materials vary greatly from one type of material to another. As a result, you should take a look at many different types of tyres and which ones would most suit your needs. There are three main types of car tyres, namely; radial, treaded and non-treaded.

Main Types of Tyres

Radial tyres have two parallel grooves at the backside of the tyre. They are manufactured from the same non-treaded rubber materials as standard tyres and are used on radial-shaped cars. These are made to give maximum grip and are a popular choice of many racers who wish to race on hard surfaces.

Treaded tyres are manufactured using rubber which has a solid core, and can be found between the inner tube and the sidewall tread is connected. Treaded tyres are ideal for use on soft ground, but they tend to wear out quickly due to wear and tear. These tyres are the most common type of tyre used on street bikes. They may not be suitable for racing.

Non-treaded tyres are much more suited for racing, as they possess a solid rubber core without any tread. They are typically manufactured using rubber derived from a rubber tree, which is then treated with special polymers to form a rubber compound. These tyres are used on high-performance racing cars that are used in racing environments.

Surface Conditions

When choosing your car tyres, it’s important to consider the type of surface you’ll be driving on when choosing the type of tyre that will work best for you. The different types of tyres and their characteristics are discussed above, so look into these factors before you buy your tyres.

When purchasing your tyres, it’s important to ensure that you look online for prices and discounts. Some websites offer lower prices on tyres than others, which can save you money. Another option is to visit your local tyre dealer, who may also be able to offer some great deals on tyres.

Check with your local dealers as well as the manufacturer to find out if they offer tyres in your country. Also, check with some motoring magazines about the latest styles in tyres, as tyre designs vary from country to country.

Finally, make sure that the tyres that you choose for your car are fitted correctly. It is vital that the tyres have been fitted correctly by a professional, and that you don’t have any loose connections that could cause a safety hazard during your race.

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