Want to be SuperSports State Champion?

V8 Supercars, Sports sedans and GTs not fast enough?

Picturing yourself in a sexy Le Mans style thoroughbred?

Want real downforce while paddle shifting at mega rpm?


Then come and join the SuperSports Race car club of Australia. We offer all of these and much more all within the NSW State Championship series.


Need advice getting started?

Please feel free to contact us directly for a friendly chat.  We are more than happy to assist you getting started or with advice relating to:

  • The category
  • The regulations
  • Licensing
  • Sourcing a car
  • BEC (Bike Engined Car) Vs CEC (Car Engined Car)


Entry Forms

Eastern Creek: http://www.ardc.com.au/events/

Wakefield: http://www.wakefieldpark.com.au/events