25 Aug 2017

2017 Round 4 – Philip Island

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CAMS 2017 NSW Motor Race Championship

SuperSports Round 4

Close Racing at Philip Island:  August 20-21


A strong field of 19 cars took the opportunity to travel south to try out the fast sweeping layout at the famed Phillip Island. A track that brings out the best in the Supersports category and gives the drivers a good opportunity to showcase their skills.  

Weather forecasts suggested a chance of showers early in the weekend with conditions improving for Sunday.

Racing was preceeded with a 15 minute qualifying session with Neale Muston (Radical SR8) taking pole (1:29.0693) from Darren Barlow (Stohr). Chris Perini (Radical SR3) headed up the next row ahead of the Radicals of Gary Walker, Stephen Champion and Peter Hills.

A hectic start to race one saw Neale Muston power into the lead as Chris Perini got the jump on Barlow.  Garry Walker took up fourth slot ahead of Hills who was followed by a fast starting James Dick in the PRB. Chris Barry was having “one of those days” with a faulty sensor causing an unscheduled dnf for the normally reliable PRB S6.

As they headed for the flag, Muston was able to consolidate his position in the lead, Barlow regained second spot from Perini, with Walker claiming fourth outright ahead of Hills. A hectic mid field battle ensued between the Radical SR3′s of Rowan Ross, Paul Braico and Stephen Champion. Malcolm Lee was quickest of the PRB’s ahead of James Dick.   


Race two and Muston again shot to the lead ahead of Darren Barlow. Garry Walker slotted into third and Rowan Ross capitalised on a great start to be ahead of Peter Hills and Gary Walker. By lap 9 Neal Muston looked to be struggling for grip and Barlow grabbed the lead at MG corner. Unfortunately overnight rain had left the apex damp and the infield boggy and the resulting spin became a dnf.  Peter Hills pressed on to pass Perini with Walker getting the best of a race long battle with Champion, Darren Kurzok (SR3) and Rowan Ross.

Race 3 (Trophy Race) and Neal Muston was able to make another good getaway, Barlow moved to second from a mid field start and Peter Hills settled into third place as Perini showed no shortage of intent.

Good close racing was the order of the day with Muston leading down the straight and Barlow looking to pass over Lukey and MG and occasionally leading on to the front straight. In addition to that it was all mayhem midfield as the PRB’s of Lee, Joshua Versluis, James Dick, Ivan Srejber and Warwick Williams all swapped places lap after lap.   

Final result Neale Muston from Barlow then Perini, Hills and Ross.   


Race 1

1          #41       Excalibur Racing            Neale Muston     Radical SR8       Class 3

2          #1         GWR                              Darren Barlow    Stohr                   Class 2

3          #81                                              Chris Perini         Radical SR3        Class1

4          #4         Walker Aircond              Gary Walker        Radical SR3        Class1

9          #50       Sherwell Silos Tas         Malcolm Lee       PRB S3                PRB


Race 2

1          #41       Excalibur Racing              Neale Muston      Radical SR8      Class 3

2          #99                                                Peter Hills            Radical SR8      Class 3

3          #81                                                Chris Perini         Radical SR3      Class 1

4          #4         Walker Aircond                Gary Walker        Radical SR3      Class 1

9          #52       Transwest Ins Brokers    Joshua Versluis  PRB Birkin          PRB


Race 3

1          #41       Excalibur Racing             Neale Muston      Radical SR8         Class 3

2          #1         GWR                                Darren Barlow     Stohr                    Class 2

3          #81                                                Chris Perini         Radical SR3         Class 1

4          #99                                                Peter Hills            Radical SR8         Class 3

10         #50       Sherwell Silos Tas          Malcolm Lee         PRB S3                PRB                 

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