04 Apr 2017

2017 Round 1 – Wakefield

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CAMS 2017 NSW Motor Race Championship

SuperSports Round 1

Wakefield Park, April 1st & 2nd, 2017


Sunny Goulburn provided a great setting for the 2nd round of the NSW State Championships and the first round of the NSW Supersports Championships.

There was a mixture of cars that came to for qualifying on Saturday morning, 1 Stohr, 4 Radicals, a mixture of 6 PRB and an attractive Speedracer driven by Chris Barry. It was the newly Black livered Stohr driven by Darren Barlow that claimed pole and on the front row beside him was Chris Sutton in the Radical. The second row was Michell Neilson and Peter Hills both in Radicals. Barry was 5th on the grid with his car showing great speed.

Barlow made a brilliant start for race 1, he was closely follow by Hills and Sutton. Unfortunately Sutton spun at turn 2 and this relegated him to last place. Barry made a bad start and found himself towards the back on the first lap. Barlow’s speed was evident, he was comfortably pulling away from Hills who in turn was building a gap to third position car of Neilson.

Sutton was making his way through the field after the early mishap, by lap 4 of the 15-lap race he made his way back to 5th and a few laps later he was 4th and started chasing Hills down.  The PRB Battle was intense with James Dick, Joshua Versluis and John Moyes never too far apart. Barlow was comfortable at the front from Hills when on the last lap the latter spun at turn 4 only to retire from a secure podium finish. This mishap promoted Sutton to 2nd, a great comeback on his part and 3rd place went to Neilson. Class 4 honours went to James Dick who finished 5th overall.


Race 2 was held on Sunday morning: as the cars came out on the warmup lap Sutton inexplicably spins the car, he was able to get going and start in the rightful place on the grid. Barlow made another great start and was closely followed by Sutton and Neilson.  Towards the midfield Chris Perini in a Radical was being hounded by a gaggle of PRB. Barry was having a better race than the previous one, he was dicing with Neilson for 4th position.

James Dick and Moyes starting putting pressure on Barry and eventually got past him with Dick driving on and taking a class 2 win (finishing 5th outright). Barlow was doing it comfortably at front, his race was relative lonely one with his only worry was not to tangle with a back marker. He ended up winning by a 15 second margin from Sutton, 3rd place went to Neilson. Hills finished 4th even though he lost his rear spoiler with one lap to go.

Barlow made three good starts in a row to lead the field in the trophy race.  Sutton, Neilson and Hills diced for second position while Versluis, Dick and Barry recommenced their own battle mid pack. Again, Perini was being pushed by some very fast PRB and that ended up being one of the best battles of the race.

Hills was pushing hard to overtake Neilson, he made a mistake at turn 2 and spun the car on the track. Unfortunately, he was not able to get it going straight away and this caused the safety car to come out. Eventually he was able to fire the car up again and get going, however the field at this stage was already bunched up. During the restart Barlow continued his march towards the front, Sutton and Neilson were able to follow. The surprise was Perini snatching 3rd place from Neilson on the very last lap. The final order was Barlow 1st, Sutton 2nd and Perini 3rd.


Class wins result for the Trophy race were as follow;

  • Class 1 – Sutton
  • Class 2 – Barlow
  • Class 3 – Hills
  • Class 4 – Moyes.

Congratulation to Barlow continuing his form from 2016


Race 1

1     1  Darren Barlow          Stohr WF1                 

2    35  Chris Sutton             Radical SR3               

3    38  Michell Neilson      Radical SR3RS          


Race 2

1     1  Darren Barlow           Stohr WF1                 

2    35  Chris Sutton              Radical SR3               

3    38  Michell Neilson       Radical SR3RS          


Race 3

1     1  Darren Barlow             Stohr WF1                 

2    35  Chris Sutton               Radical SR3                

3    68  Chris Perini               Radical SR3                  

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