02 Nov 2015

2015 Round 4 – SMP

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CAMS 2015 NSW Motor Race Championship

SuperSports Round 3

Sydney Motorsport Park 24th October


The final round of the NSW Supersport championship was held at a warm Sydney Motorsport Park. Coming into the final meet Peter Paddon was leading the Championship form Oliver Smith and Chris Sutton. As 16 cars came out to qualify on Saturday morning only Paddon and Sutton where present. Neal Muston set a time of 1.27.0206 on the 8th lap of qualifying and looked set to claim pole, however on the following lap the fast Greg Smith claimed pole with a brilliant time in the 1.26’s. The second row consisted Darren Barlow (Class 2) and Robert Baird.

Race 1 got on the way with the usual rolling start and Greg Smith and Muston arrived at turn 1 side by side. Smith on the inside while Muston on the outside and slightly ahead. Smith placed his front wheel on the ripple strip and this unsettled the car causing it to go sideways. Smith Radical SR3 skidded sideways with the front of the car on the grass verge while the rear tyres on the track. An angry pack of 15 Supersports where just behind him. To his credit Smith somehow saved the half spin without losing much speed and was able to point the car in the right direction and continued on in 2nd position, a very close high speed call.
Once this early start mishap was over Smith was able to settled down into second position and begin the chase towards Muston. As the cars crossed the line at the end of the first lap the order was Muston from, Smith, Barlow, Robert Baird, Paddon and Burke. Throughout the race the top six drivers remained in the same position with the gap respectively increasing between them. Neil Kenny who had started the race at the back of the grid was the only real mover, he was able to climb up positions and eventually finished in a strong 8th position. The unfortunate Aaron Lewis was the only DNF retiring on the 3rd lap of the race. The final order was Muston 1st, Smith 2nd and Barlow 3rd.

Race 2 started without Aaron Lewis and Neil Kenny, this meant that only 14 cars gridded up for the race. This time it was Smith turn to have a good start and lead the early running of the race from Muston. Barlow again followed the leaders and was in 3rd position however this time Baird and Paddon where close to him and applying plenty of pressure.  By the 4th lap Muston had regained the lead from Barlow and Baird. The unfortunate Smith found himself circulating at the back at a slower speed.
Phil Anseline was definitely trying hard, he had a gentle spin at turn 2, but the real story of the race was Barlow losing second place with a spin. He was able to rejoin the race albeit in 8th position.  With only one lap to go Muston had a commanding lead from Baird and Paddon and this is how they crossed the line.  Once the dust had settled Muston was give a 30 second penalty relegating him to 6th position? The final finishing order was Baird 1st, Paddon 2nd and Burke 3rd.  Paddon’s second placing would virtually seal the 2015 Championship.


Race 3 was held late Saturday afternoon, and it would be interesting on how some of the faster drivers like Barlow and Muston would cope starting towards the back, the unfortunate Smith did not make the starting grid. Baird made a great start taking the early lead, Muston made an even better one, in one lap Muston went from 6th position to 2nd position and by lap 3 he was already in the lead. Behind him the drivers were pushing hard, Michael Whiting and Tony Haggarty also spun. Haggarty took a long time to get going again and nearly brought out the safety car.
Michael Shaw was pushing hard and often locked his front wheel, all the drivers were driving with urgency …..Like it was the last race of the year.  Muston was able to pull away and with no penalty in this race he claimed 1st position.  Baird finished a strong 2nd while Barlow recovered for 3rd.  It had been a long season, a season that had great racing from the first round to the last.


Congratulation to Peter Paddon the 2015 NSW Supersport Champion and congratulation to the individual class State Overall winners;

Class One for 2C Sports Cars……….Peter Paddon
Class two for Sports Racers…………Darren Barlow
Class Three for 2A Sports Cars……. Neil Muston


A special thanks to all the volunteers that gave up their precious time to allow this series to go on.

Roll on a bigger and better 2016


Round 4 results
Race 1

1    41  EXCALIBUR RACING           Neale Muston (NSW)       Radical SR8         
2    78  RADICAL AUSTRALIA          Greg Smith (NSW)           Radical SR8         
3    27  GWR                                      Darren Barlow (NSW)      Stohr WF1           

Race 2

1    11  EXDRA MOTORSPORT        Robert Baird (VIC)           Radical SR8          
2    31  FIRST FOCUS                       Peter Paddon (NSW)       Radical SR3         
3    68  RAW RACING                        Kim Burke (NSW)            Radical SR3 RSX     

Race 3
1    41  EXCALIBUR RACING            Neale Muston (NSW)       Radical SR8         
2    11  EXDRA MOTORSPORT        Robert Baird (VIC)            Radical SR8         
3    27  GWR                                       Darren Barlow (NSW)      Stohr WF1     


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