01 May 2013

2013 Round 1 – SMP GP

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Commanding Proctor

After a long summer break the NSW Motor Race Championships finally started and it was the Supersports that had the honour to kick start the season.

Qualifying was held in very wet conditions and all 12 cars tip toed their way around the Grand Prix track at Sydney Motorsport Park. Fastest and bravest was Phil Anseline in the Radical setting a respectable time of 1:51.5057 considering the conditions. The Radicals seem to handle the wet conditions better that the other cars…………possibly a sign of things to come.

Race 1 was also run in very wet conditions and it was the Radical driven by Greg Smith that mastered the track and took the honours, having pulled off two great overtaking moves at turn 9.  The first one was a late braking lunge overtaking Peter Johnston and then in the same corner a few laps later a repeat move overtaking Craig Perry. Perry, who had leapt to the front, established what looked like an unassailable lead, suffered greater tyre degradation problems than the Radicals, was gradually reigned in by Smith and finally finished  a strong 2nd and Johnston finished 3rd.

Race 2 on Sunday morning was a different affair both in weather and result. The Sun greeted the competitors creating a bone dry and very fast track. So would the Radicals still gain ascendance in these very different conditions to yesterday? Seemingly not, asthe Stohr drivers of Adam Proctor and Craig Perry relished the conditions leaving the field behind; both drivers were lapping 3 seconds faster than the 3rd fastest car. To show the dominance Craig Perry set the fastest lap,  a blistering time of 1:28.6670. Proctor finished home 1st followed closely by Perry and 3rd place fell to Greg Smith capping another podium finish.

Race 3 on Sunday afternoon started in a similar fashion to race 2. Proctor and Perry starting strongly but this time they were chased by Alexander Kenny. Kenny made a great start in his red Chiron and was 3rd after lap 1.  As the Stohrs of Proctor and Perry build a gap on Kenny he was doing the same to the fourth place driver. This lasted for 5 laps until Kenny suffered engine problems at turn 5 bringing out the safety car and recompressing the field. Greg Smith also hit trouble in the 3rd race and could not repeat the great results he achieved in the first two races.  After 2 laps behind the safety car the field was let loose and a great battle between Perry and  Proctor with the latter winning completing a successful week end. Perry was 2nd and Peter Johnston finished on the podium again.

Overall it was a great week racing for the Supersports, firstly competing and mastering the treacherous wet conditions and then running some superfast lap times. Great safe racing by all looking forward to the next round in June.


Race 1 results

1st  #78  Greg Smith            Radical SR3

2nd #81  Craig Perry            Stohr  WF-1         

3rd # 17  Peter Johnston    Radical   SR3 

Race 2 results

1st #  1  Adam Proctor        Stohr  WF1          

2nd # 81  Craig Perry           Stohr  WF-1         

3rd  # 78  Greg Smith          Radical  SR3    

Race 3 results

1st      # 1  Adam Proctor       Stohr  WF1          

2nd   # 81  Craig Perry           Stohr  WF-1 

3rd    # 17  Peter Johnston  Radical   SR3  


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