05 Nov 2012

Round 3 2012 – SMP North

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Natsoft race results:


Proctor Smashed Outright Lap Record

Average speed a stunning 172 kph


Event clashes impacted on grid numbers, but not on quality or excitement, as SuperSports regained the outright lap record for the SMSP North Circuit in the hands of Adam Proctor in his 1000cc Stohr Sportsracer after having it snatched from him by a Formula 3 open wheeler earlier in the season.
This was a one day event, originally scheduled for the extended Brabham Circuit but a shortage of volunteer flag marshalls meant that insufficient flag points could be manned, so we were re-assigned to the shorter North Circuit, much to the disappointment of all competitors. The endemic problem of shortage of volunteers needs to be urgently addressed to ensure the sport continues to flourish.

Qualifying- dry and warm.

Ideal conditions confronted the Stohrs, Wests and Radicals that rolled out for qualifying, and it was no surprise to see Adam Proctor breaking the one minute barrier to claim pole from Michael Shaw in his similarly powered Stohr. Peter Paddon impressed in his 1500cc Radical to head the two seater brigade, from Tom Todd, newcomer Jason Kencevski (both in Radicals), Darren Barlow (West) and George Davis (Radical).

Race One- 22 Laps

With just four categories competing at this one day event there was sure to be plenty of track time, so staying power should count at the end of the day. However it became clear very early on that there was more on Adam Proctor’s mind when he set off for the chequered flag. He was first to turn one and then really turned the heat on, in a very determined bid to regain the outright lap record that became his on the very first outing on the circuit last season. As his team gave him his lap times over the radio you could see him getting faster lap by lap, until the good news came through on lap five – 58.75 sec – new outright lap record – average speed 172kph, which must make the SMSP North Circuit one of the fastest in the country.
Even more remarkable is that this speed can be eked out of a tiny 1000cc motor cycle engine, coupled with a lightweight sports car, excellent downforce and a very talented driver.
So, whilst winning the race was perhaps secondary for Proctor it wasn’t for Shaw, who chased hard and forbade Proctor from relaxing once the record was his. The rest of the field watched from afar, with Paddon heading them, followed by Todd, Barlow, Kencevski and Davis.

Race Two – 21 laps

After the frenetic pace of the first race and the smashing of the outright lap record this race promised to be something of an anticlimax – at least, that’s what we thought until we looked down the field to see “frenetics” being repeated in a titanic clash between Peter Paddon and Tom Todd who were never more than a car length apart for the whole of the race.  Close racing demands high skill levels and both drivers showed the value they gained from the Radical race training programme as they tussled through every turn with Paddon just claiming the third podium spot by less than half a second.

Race Three Trophy Race – 21 laps

This was much more than just a race for trophies and podium spots as the season’s championship drivers, both class and outright, hinged on the results of this race. Whilst Adam Proctor was leading class and outright, Michael Shaw had a theoretical chance at the beginning of the day of snatching victory, but his hopes evaporated in despair after two laps of the trophy race with a suspension failure that put him out of the race, leaving Proctor to proceed unchallenged to the checkered flag for the top podium position and season’s championship honours.

Interest therefore reverted to minor outright placing and class 2 championship honours, the latter being fought in a three way challenge by Tom Todd, Peter Paddon and George Davis.  Tom was leading coming into the final race but theoretical victory could be claimed by either Peter or George if their opponents suffered Shaw-like mishaps.  Peter Paddon fought hard to gain victory and, whilst winning class 2 on the day had to settle for second prize of the season behind Tom Todd


Class 1 results

1st – Adam Proctor

2nd – Darren Barlow


Class 2 results

1st – Peter Paddon

2nd – Tom Todd


SuperSports 2012 Championship results

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